Our technological expertise. Your competitive advantage.

In-depth expertise.

We use all of our expertise to ensure that desired material properties are achieved and to increase product quality.

The EBNER GROUP, including EED, Gautschi, HPI and GNA has almost more than a century of expertise in the melting and casting of aluminum, paired with the heat treatment of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper base metals. At bright annealing lines for stainless steel and copper base metals, or at heat treatment facilities for aluminum strip, upstream and downstream processes such strip cleaning or post-treatment (passivation) are also implemented at the highest levels. For example, the know-how obtained from Nisterhammer has been continuously developed.

Our knowledge in the field of heat treatment is extensive. This concentrated knowledge, along with experience gathered over decades of work, are available to our customers at any time

Proactive listening and understanding customer needs

We cultivate a culture of intensive communication and, together with our customers, embark on future-oriented roadmapping processes. This integrates our customers – and their customers – into our search for ideas, years before a technology enters the market.

A partnership with the EBNER GROUP means that our customers are always one step ahead of the competition.

A clear commitment to research and development.

A constant, clear exchange between the R&D department and technical staff consistently leads to improved solutions for our customers.

Custom solutions and flexible manufacturing.

Unique solutions tailored to customer needs, along with economical combinations of innovative components, improve both quality and cost efficiency. The quickly-changing needs of the market are met with flexible designs and customized furnace facilities.

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