Research and development. Innovation is a tradition.

The future is now.

For decades, research and development has played a significant role at EBNER. To remain the world leader in technology and innovation, we are already working on the challenges today that our customers will face tomorrow.

From calculations to simulations, from test facilities to full-scale pilot facilities, the EBNER innovation team works day in and day out to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Everything is possible.

EBNER‘s full-scale lab tests facilities, conducts trial anneals with customer material, and optimizes processes. This means that our facilities always deliver what they promise. Every company of the EBNER GROUP is involved in research and development, constantly advancing the state of the art.


Welcome To Our Lab.

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Alloy Development
Individual support to outperform product requirements; verification with pilot casting machines (HDC and VDC).

Qualify and instruct your staff under casthouse conditions.

Sample material
Small batch sizes, custom-made alloys and dimensions for testing to support your success (forging, extrusion, rolling …)