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50 - 70 % hydrogen savings

Retrofitting a hydrogen recycling system at existing CrNi vertical bright annealing lines.

We at EBNER have set ourselves the strategic goal of continuously and sustainably reducing the consumption and emission values of our plants.

Retrofitting a hydrogen recovery system to your existing EBNER CrNi – bright annealing line is one of our E3 programs and helps to minimize H2 consumption during annealing.

The hydrogen, which contains moisture, rolling lubricant vapor and other contaminants, is drawn out of the furnace and compressed. It then passes through a multi-function filter unit (removing any particulates, rolling lubricant vapors, etc.) and gas conditioning equipment (which remove any trace oxygen and dry the gas) before being returned to the heat treatment facility.


  • 50 – 70% of the hydrogen consumption can be saved depending on the annealing program in use

Required modification work

  • Depending on the design of the existing facility, modification of the process atmosphere pipework, process atmosphere supply lies, visualization system, etc. is required.

New equipment

  • stallation and commissioning of the filter unit, adsorber, catalytic converter and analyzers, including required pipework and an automated process control system.

We take our responsibility for a sustainable future very seriously and would like to support you in modernizing your plant!

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