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Lambda probe of the latest generation.

Modernise your bell annealer facility now!


  • Improved measuring accuracy
  • Safe and trouble-free operation of your plant
  • Better accessibility for maintenance work
  • Assured spare parts supply

The manufacturing of lambda probe generation LSM11 has been stopped and is therefore not longer available.

The operation of the new lambda probe LSU 4.9 has been significantly and measurably improved compared to the previous model LSM11. The service life has been prolonged when operating in the furnace exhaust gas measuring system.

Now a special control unit is used for operation, which regulates the operating temperature of the probes and also enables regular recalibration of the measurement signal.

Ageing related measurement inaccuracies of the probes can be corrected to a certain degree.

With the “old” system, this drift of the measurement signal had to be accepted and if the inaccuracy was too great, the affected probe had to be replaced.

Now, the recalibration function offers the advantage of correcting measurement inaccuracies, thus extending the service life of the probes.

The aforementioned control of the operating temperature also has a careful effect on the lambda probes.

In addition, the mechanical installation of the probes has also been modified and improved in accordance with the experience of recent years.

If you order until 26.02.2021, you will receive a cost advantage of 10% on the material costs.

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