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Leak tester of the latest generation.


  • Avoidance of production downtimes of your EBNER system due to replacement devices that are no longer available.
  • Fast availability through guaranteed spare parts supply for the newly used leak testers
  • Fuel gas from the test track is discharged through the vent. In this way you avoid escaping fuel gas from your system.
  • Quality from a single source. Material, documentation, assembly and commissioning and the following support for your EBNER system by EBNER service technicians.

Modernization of your EBNER system by installing modern leak test devices.

Replacement of the originally used, but no longer available leak testers to the new type for the complete system.

Following scope of supply and services for 1 pair of bases:

  • 2 pcs. Leak tester
  • 2 sets of required fittings
  • 2 x radiation protection
  • New operating instructions
  • Modification of documentation (scheme, circuit diagram)
  • Info regarding device settings (measurement time, test time)
  • Piping modification information (without field wiring)

Exclusion of supply and services:

  • Pipe material including fastening material for vent line 1 line
    installation and commissioning on site

The pipe routing to the vent line 1 line has to be be decided on site and therefore is not included in the scope of delivery.

If you order until 26.02.2021, you will receive a cost advantage of 10% on the material costs.

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