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Participation Guidelines Live-Webinar.

  • Please write your comments or questions to the speakers –at any time- in the public chat space. For technical and quality purposes, only the speakers will be able to use their microphone during the presentation.
  • During the presentation we will gather your written comments, questions and suggestions for the speakers. In the case that all participants’ questions cannot be answered during the webinar, the speakers and moderators will make sure to answer all remaining questions either by email or telephone.

  • Please introduce yourselves on the public chat space, by telling us your full name, organization, and country. These data will not be displayed on the record. Please feel free to give feedback at the end of the webinar.

  • Please note that the presentation will be recorded and that you will be able to watch it later. A link to the recorded webinar presentation will soon be provided on the EBNER GROUP.

  • Online discussions can quickly become heated – so stay relaxed and don’t put every word on the gold scale.