EED Furnaces

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EED Furnaces.

This member of the EBNER GROUP has a reputation for success in the Chinese copper market.

EED Furnaces (Taicang) Co., Ltd. is a company in China wholly owned by the European EBNER GROUP.

EED is a supplier of economy-class heat treatment furnaces operated by the EBNER team in Taicang, China. Based on EBNER’s technology and designs, EED develops markets by pursuing a 100 % made-in-China strategy. Sharing manufacturing resources with EBNER China, EED aims to provide outstanding quality.

As a member of the EBNER GROUP, EED mainly focuses on bell annealer furnaces, roller-hearth furnaces and batch-type (chamber) furnaces.

The copper industry in China

Over nearly a decade, China’s copper processing industry has formed its own structure with copper wire, copper strip, copper pipe, copper rod and copper foil as the main subdivisions. The average annual increase in production is 7 – 9 %, even as capacity reached up to 16 million tons in 2019.

The majority of production is copper wire (44.64 %), with most of the rest as copper strip (19.88 %), copper pipe (15.61 %) and copper bar (13.70 %). These four products make up more than 90 % of the market share.

In terms of production, China plays an essential role in the global copper processing industry. However, at the level of products, we must still improve in comparison to other industrialized countries, especially in terms of quality, performance, diversification, refinement and uniformity. In 2019, China imported 2.3 million tons of processed copper materials.

With the development of China’s non-ferrous industry toward new, high-precision materials and deep processing, more opportunities for China’s copper processing industry will appear in the future in the following areas:

  • 5G base station construction
  • UHV (ultra-high voltage)
  • intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit
  • charging piles for electric vehicles
  • development of big data centers

China’s copper processing enterprises are highly concentrated in certain areas, mainly Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Anhui. The four provinces make up around 55 % of China’s entire copper processing capacity. The EED industrial furnace manufacturing plant is
located in the center of these four provinces, making the production, transportation and servicing of the furnaces ultra-convenient.

China’s copper processing enterprises are tied to the market, and are so subject to the main market currents across the globe. The demand for new facilities is thus rising gradually. However, the fierce competition and low overall profit in the industry make it impossible for many companies to buy the world’s top-level equipment.

Sensitive to the possibility of modernization in the copper processing industry, EED took the initiative in contacting various enterprises. Between 2016 and today, as a member of the EBNER GROUP, we have sold 96 furnaces to customers in the copper processing field which have fully
satisfied them in terms of both performance and energy consumption. EED has gradually been accepted by the Chinese copper industry, and has developed its own reputation.

EED customers include the Anhui Chujiang Group, the Ningbo Boway Group, the Ningbo Jintian Group, thje Ningbo Xingye Group and others.

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