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Proven EBNER technology.

The success of HICON® floater furnace facilities in China, as seen at Chalco Ruimin.

At 10:18 a.m. on November 18, 2019, customer Chalco Ruimin celebrated the end of its “production line project of aluminum alloy plate and strip for automobile lightweight” with an equipment assessment and acceptance ceremony, held in the warm winter sun to the sound of firecrackers.

The customer expressed their sincere approval for the efforts and fruitful work of those participating in the project, their great expectations for future production, and planned follow-up projects with subsequent equipment. At the end of ceremony, the final acceptance inspection
certificate (FAC) of the project was signed by both the customer and the equipment supplier representative. EBNER‘s 000726 Chalco Ruimin air cushion furnace project had come to a successful end!

Advanced technology

EBNER‘s rich experience, along with the advanced technology of HICON® air cushion furnaces, established a good foundation for the success of the project. EBNER‘s 000726 Chalco Ruimin air cushion furnace project is the first time that EBNER installed the new SmartQuench® functionality for a Chinese customer. This technology allows the continuous adjustment of cooling rates within a range from 500 °C/s to 10 °C/s, and its advanced nature has won market recognition for EBNER.

Reliable quality

The importance of quality for a company is self-evident, and is a determining factor in the vitality of a company. EBNER adheres to the concept of quality first, and instills this concept into every process making up the production, installation, testing and commissioning of a product.
Every EBNER employee knows that only by firmly controlling the quality, then we can bring reliable products to our customers, and reliable equipment means a reliable future for our customers.

Efficient management

Although the project is subject to many uncontrollable factors, it ran according to plan. The production line was handed over to the customer on time, thanks to efficient management and excellent cooperation within the team.

Today, time means opportunity and profit – so the efficiency of EBNER‘s management directly leads to customer satisfaction.

The future

EBNER‘s involvement in China’s air cushion furnace market originated with Chalco Southwest Aluminum. This was also the first time that EBNER air cushion furnace had entered the Chinese market.

Up to December, 2019, seven air cushion furnace production lines had been put into production in the Chinese market. Another four air cushion furnace production lines are in the design, manufacturing or installation phases, and will go into production in the near future. With the
continuous development of vehicles using new energies, the demand for high-end aluminum plate for automobiles is increasing.

In order to meet the needs of the leap forward in the development of aluminum processing at Chalco, as well as to meet the increasingly strict requirements of the Chinese market for high-end plate and strip such as automotive plate or aviation plate, Chalco Ruimin selected EBNER air cushion furnace equipment.

EBNER will continue to help and support the growth of China’s automotive market.

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