High customer satisfaction due to superior


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High customer satisfaction due to superior quality.

İÇDAŞ Çelik expands their EBNER bell annealer facility for steel wire.

In 2017, İÇDAŞ ÇELIK placed an order for an EBNER bell annealer facility for steel wire that was comprised of 2 workbases, 1 heating bell, 1 cooling bell and the associated equipment. İÇDAŞ ÇELIK was the first customer in Turkey to purchase EBNER equipment to heat treat wire rod in nitrogen atmosphere.


Due to continuous growth in the demand for steel wire, İÇDAŞ ÇELIK made the decision to invest in a new wire rod mill. This investment marked the point where there was a need to consider expanding their EBNER bell annealer facility, installed at their plant in the Biga district of Çanakkale province.

A second and even more important reason for considering an expansion was the high level of satisfaction customers expressed with the material heat treated by İÇDAŞ ÇELIK.

In 2021, these factors led to a decision to place an additional order with EBNER for expansion of the existing bell annealer facility for steel wire rod. The new investment covered 2 workbases, 1 heating bell and 1 cooling bell. The equipment will be integrated into the general facilities of the existing facility.

Early in 2022, İÇDAŞ ÇELIK placed an order for a third expansion phase, which will consist of 2 workbases, 2 heating bells and 1 cooling bell. As future expansion had always been a focus of investment, the foundation for the first expansion phase had been designed for 6 workbases right from the start – a feature that underlines the farsightedness of the company.

İÇDAŞ ÇELIK’s vision is to be a leader in the iron and steel sector by offering products and services at a universally high quality and meeting universally high standards. This vision is to be fulfilled by high efficiency and continuous investment.

Exporting most of its production to foreign countries, İÇDAŞ ÇELIK assumed an important role in Turkey’s steel industry with this advanced technology and the superior quality it delivers. It will help them pursue their goal, as one of Turkey’s major steel producers, of ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction in every aspect of their services.


max. workload space diameter: 4050 mm
max. stack height: 4600 mm
max. net charge: 51 t

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