New GNA Management

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New GNA Management

GNA alutech inc.: celebrating 40 years of excellence in the aluminum industry as a supplier of equipment and technology.

As the founder and president of GNA I am delighted to reflect on the remarkable journey of our company, founded and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

From our humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone in the industry, GNA‘s success is a testament to the collective efforts and resilience of our dedicated team over the years.

In the past four decades, we’ve witnessed and experienced the highs and lows of the aluminum market, consistently adapting to changing dynamics and emerging as a leader in our field. From pioneering industry-leading technologies to establishing strong relationships with clients and partners around the globe, our journey has been marked by milestones that have shaped GNA into the powerhouse it is today.

As I prepare to pass my hopes and plans for the company on to the next generation, I am pleased to introduce the leadership duo set to steer GNA into the future. Chantal Coupal, a seasoned professional, knows our industry extremely well. She brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs to her new role. Joining Chantal is Kaleb Wright from the United States, an expert whose extensive hands-on experience in aluminum casthouses promises to open new horizons for GNA.

Their combined expertise represents a fusion of local insight with a continued understanding of global industry needs and objectives, ensuring that GNA alutech continues to thrive and evolve. As we welcome this new chapter, the legacy of the past 40 years will serve as a foundation for innovation, sustainability, and our continued focus on customer satisfaction.

Chantal Coupal GNA

Chantal Coupal

President of Operations

Chantal Coupal has been a member of the GNA team since 1995, initially joining as a junior project engineer. She has successfully managed numerous projects for GNA, working closely with Ted Phenix, the company’s founder. Over the years, Chantal has assumed diverse roles within the company and has been involved in the operation of every department.

Kaleb Wright

President of Business Development

Kaleb Wright joined GNA in 2019 as CTO. Before joining GNA, he spent over two decades supervising aluminum operations at one of GNA‘s customers. Over the last few years, Kaleb has established GNA as a strong service partner for the North American aluminum industry.

Kaleb Wright GNA

To our cherished clients, partners, and dedicated employees, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for being integral to our journey. Your support has been the driving force behind GNA‘s success. As I step back from day-to-day operations, I am pleased to share that I will remain actively involved through continued support and special project work, ensuring a seamless transition and contributing to the ongoing success of the company. Looking ahead, our future holds limitless possibilities. With Chantal and Kaleb providing the leadership and supported by our growing team, we are poised for more great achievements in the next 40 years and beyond. Let us continue working together, crafting a future where GNA stands synonymous with excellence, innovation, and enduring success in the aluminum industry.

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