A great Honor


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A great Honor.

David Hazelett receives the Boultinghouse award.

The Boultinghouse award is the highest award given by the North American aluminum industry.

It honors those who have not only had distinguished careers within the aluminum industry but also have provided their talents to improve the industry itself.

The award is presented in memory of the late ARCO Aluminum, Inc., president Marlan T. Boultinghouse. Boultinghouse brought energy and enthusiasm to the industry through his advocacy of aluminum marketing and the many technical programs he helped to advance. Winners of this award are wide ranging, from those who make the aluminum industry safer to those who have advanced major aluminum markets.

David Hazelett is the 24th recipient of this award, adding to the breadth of expertise represented by this group – with a common theme that each one of these winners has advanced, and in some cases transformed, the aluminum industry.

Hazelett’s game-changing technology

The technology for fabricating flat-rolled aluminum products has changed dramatically over time. Many products that were once rolled in large scale conventional rolling mills can now be made in smaller and more efficient facilities.

The advent of continuous casting opened the flat-rolled product world for manufacturers. Several companies have been pivotal in developing this technology, but none more so than HAZELETT Strip-Casting Corporation.

David Hazelett was a founding member of the Associate Member Class of the Aluminum Association, and has been a tireless voice for the suppliers to the industry.

HAZELETT’s history dates back more than 100 years. Throughout that time, the company has continued to quietly evolve and innovate with a heavy focus on research and development, gaining them a reputation for excellence.

HAZELETT joined the EBNER GROUP IN 2021, enriching the Group with their expertise and experience in continuous casting. Today, HAZELETT is one of the world’s leaders in continuous casting technology.

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