Aluminum experts

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Aluminum Experts.

As experts in the aluminum industry, the EBNER GROUP hosts a symposium for the Chinese market.

Following three years of pandemic, China’s aluminum processing industry has changed significantly. As a pioneer and market leader in the field of heat treatment for the aluminum industry, the EBNER GROUP held a technical symposium for the Chinese aluminum industry.

The symposium took place on July 4, 2023 at EBNER‘s offices in Taicang, China. Almost 40 experts from companies well-known throughout the Chinese aluminum industry took part. As a full solution provider for the heat treatment of aluminum products, the EBNER GROUP has a full portfolio of technologies from brand names such as EBNER, EED, Gautschi, GNA, HPI and Hazelett. It can offer its customers solutions along the entire value-added chain associated with the heat treatment of aluminum products.

Within the framework of the symposium, the products and technologies of the different companies making up the EBNER GROUP were introduced in detail.

These include EBNER heat treatment facilities for aluminum plate, strip and foil, Gautschi technologies for melting, casting and recycling aluminum, HPI’s horizontal casting technology, Hazelett’s continuous casting and rolling lines, facility solutions from GNA and EED to heat treat aluminum profiles and the new generation of EBNER FAST heat treatment lines for aluminum strip.

Teilnehmer Aluminium Symposium
Teilnehmer Aluminium Symposium

Experts at the aluminum symposium

The transformation of the international political climate that followed the pandemic, along with the reaction of the market to changes in demand, have highlighted the competition within the Chinese market.

However, while customers in the aluminum industry are concerned about the changes in the market that developed after the pandemic, they still show trust. Industrial modernization still points out the path of development for Chinese aluminum processing companies.

Chalco Group, Weiqiao Pioneering Group, Mingtai Group and other companies have announced they are experiencing an increased demand for high-end products, and they have appropriate plans for future investment.

The symposium contributed to a better understanding of the composition of the EBNER GROUP among the experts that were present, as well as the technologies and solutions the Group offers. The exchange of ideas on technical issues underlined the high expectations placed on the EBNER GROUP.

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