A booming aluminum industry


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A booming aluminum industry.

Decades of experience and an international presence, paired with a focus on sustainability, efficiency and the highest possible quality, make EBNER an attractive partner in the aluminum market.

For the EBNER GROUP, as well as the entire aluminum industry, the Aluminium trade fair (held September 27 – 29, 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany) marked the long hoped-for start of a market upturn following the crisis of the corona pandemic.

Following the pandemic-induced postponement of the trade fair, which was originally scheduled for March, 2020, we – like everyone in the entire industry – had been looking forward to it with great excitement. Now that the difficult days of the pandemic were over, a strong sense of optimism could be felt in the air.

After countless video conferences and telephone calls, both exhibitors and visitors were delighted to be able to speak with their business partners face-to-face and begin to look forward to the future. This was reflected in the number of animated meetings and lively discussions held at our well-visited booth, and we were able to establish the foundations for successful projects with several of our customers.


The recovery of the automotive industry is only one factor in the increased demand for aluminum products: the trend toward replacing plastic bottles with aluminum cans and bottles is also a contributing factor. The idea of sustainability is what is being focused on here, as aluminum is a material that can be recycled virtually an endless number of times.


Another trend of note is the increased pressure placed on supply chains by both the pandemic and current conflicts. For the first time in decades, investments are being made in completely new aluminum plants – particularly in the USA. These investments are intended to reduce the share of imports, as well as to reduce dependence on global supply chains that may potentially be disturbed. As in other industrial sectors, a trend toward increased regionalization is visible.

The industrial Steel Dynamics group, already very successful in the steel sector, is leaving nothing to chance as it enters the aluminum industry. It chose industry-leading technology from EBNER for every one of the heat treatment facilities needed at its newly-founded, state-of-the-art Aluminum Dynamics plant – a 1.9 billion dollar flat rolling mill for recycled aluminum located in Columbus/ Mississippi, USA. Our decades of experience, along with our focus on sustainability, efficiency and the highest possible quality, were the main factors contributing to the decision to choose EBNER as a partner for implementation of this project.


The outlook is also very positive for the aerospace industry. After the downtime caused by lockdowns, the demand for air travel has risen sharply. However, high fuel prices – combined with the high ticket prices they lead to – have dimmed this bright outlook somewhat. In turn, this is motivating airlines to replace their fleets: in some cases it is no longer profitable to operate older aircraft, as they have higher fuel consumption. Over the long term, airlines can only remain competitive with new, efficient planes. Aluminum plays a significant role here, as well. Lightweight, high strength aluminum alloys – which of course require appropriate heat treatment – are fundamental to modern aircraft.

EBNER’s product line includes equipment suitable for this application, as it meets strict aerospace industry standards like AMS (Aerospace Material Specifications) 2750.


The next highlight will be this year’s Aluminum USA trade fair, which will be held in Nashville/Tennessee, USA on October 25 – 26, 2023. This event, the industry’s most important fair in North America, covers the entire value-added chain for aluminum. It is an ideal stage for the entire EBNER GROUP, a full-solution provider, to present its innovative products. If you would like to meet our team of experts, feel free to visit our booth – we look forward to seeing you there!

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