China and the corona crisis

/ HICON JOURNAL 2020-02 EN | Jiansheng Wang, EBNER, China

China and the corona crisis.

Recovery of the special steel wire industry after the corona crisis.

At the beginning of 2020, China was the first to be hit by the coronavirus. After several months of strict prevention and control measures that attracted worldwide attention such as city lockdowns, district lockdowns and village lockdowns, as well as a warlike campaign to fight the virus calling for a coordinated effort by the whole nation, the domestic pandemic has been effectively controlled and China’s huge manufacturing industry has gradually recovered.

China’s automobile industry has grown rapidly over the past decade, and the machinery manufacturing industry has become highly sophisticated. As one of their supporting industries, the special steel wire industry was one of the earliest to recover after the pandemic. The EBNER Group recently received two important orders, both from private enterprises in the economically-active Yangtze River Delta region.

In recent years, the EBNER Group has implemented a double-brand approach for some products on the Chinese market. This allows us to meet the needs of customers at all levels, as well as the multi-level demands of middle and high-end customers in different situations.

The EBNER brand series of products represents the world-class level of technology and equipment that is shared across all major markets around the world. It serves high-end customers that have extreme requirements on quality, performance and automation, and who are not as sensitive about the initial investment needed to meet their advanced requirements.

Based on EBNER technology, the EED brand series of products represents a commitment to provide China-class technology and equipment through the best combination of localization and foreign advanced technologies. Key components are manufactured through a manufacturing platform shared with EBNER China. EED customers are those medium and high-end players who pursue practical solutions, where the highest price/performance ratio is paired with a reasonable initial investment.

The EBNER Group’s products always serve those mid- dle and high-end customers who have high requirements regarding product quality, production efficiency, operational safety and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the global market. It is realized that medium and high-end customers also have cost pressures with diversified and multi-level needs, due to the diversity of requirements from their downstream customers. The multi-brand strategy provides a good solution for our customers.

In the past three years, EBNER bell-type annealing furnaces for special steel wire have been favored by Mascometal, Xingcheng Special Steel, SeAH and Changzhou Kaiming; EED bell-type annealing furnaces for special steel wire have been selected by Nanjing Nangang Shenghua, Xingcheng Special Steel, Shijiazhuang Steel and Jiangsu Shenyuan. These companies are manufacturers of high-end fasteners or auto parts suppliers, and all of them play leading roles in their industrial sectors.

The Chinese government promotes healthy and sustainable development in the manufacturing industry. As the key raw material for the automobile industry and the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, special steel wire – the quality of which is directly determined by heat treatment – greatly influences advancement in these subsequent industries. The EBNER Group is optimistic about the development of the Chinese market in this sector.

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