Convinced by EBNER quality

/ HICON JOURNAL 2020-02 EN | Cherukupalli Nagabhushanam, EBNER, India

Convinced by EBNER quality.

The Indian automotive and bicycle industries rely on steels heat treated by EBNER.

Avon Ispat & Power Limited, based in Ludhiana, India, specializes in manufacturing cold-rolled strip for bicycles, rims and car parts. The company is one of the Indian bicycle industry’s largest suppliers, and has set new standards in the quality of raw materials and production equipment.

Avon and EBNER have enjoyed a successful partner- ship for over seven years. During this period of time, AVON has repeatedly placed orders with EBNER for HICON/H2 bell annealer facilities, since AVON values the excellent price/performance ratio.

When Avon’s directors visited the workshop at EBNER Linz, they were impressed with the latest development – the EBNER HICON/H2Q CAL – as well as with the inhouse full-scale R&D lab.

Following the visit, Avon decided to order Asia’s first EBNER HICON/H2Q CAL (High Convection Hydrogen Quench Continuous Annealing Line) for producing AHSS & UHSS grades for the automotive industry. This equipment has already successfully started production at Avon’s works in Ludhiana, India. Avon is convinced that they are now in a better position to meet the special demands of the ever-growing domestic, as well as the international, market.

The HICON/H2Q continuous annealing line (CAL) from EBNER, with its state-of-the-art quench, can process AHSS & UHSS grades from 580 – 1700 MPa yield strength with incomparable flatness. The hydrogen quench is a revolution in precisely controlled cooling. Incredibly high cooling gradients in excess of 200 K/, plus the ability to interrupt quenching and then control the temperature at a technologically advantageous level, ensure that our customers achieve the highest throughputs, precise cooling across the entire strip profile, width and length, excellent flatness and the cleanest surface finish. There are unique quench settings for UHSS/AHSS, as well as next generation AHSS for light weighting applications.

The project saw excellent cooperation between the EBNER sales team, our subsidiary EBNER India, the EBNER R&D department and the Avon team, and EBNER would like to thank Avon for placing their trust in us once again.

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