Green development in China

/ HICON JOURNAL 2022-02 EN | Carter Chen, EBNER

Green development in China.

The emerging boom of China’s new energy vehicles.

In recent years, both the production and sales of Chinese cars have ranked among the best in the world.

The total sales of Chinese cars have more than doubled those of Europe. In particular, with the Chinese government’s implementation of “carbon neutrality” and other policies, new energy vehicles (NEVs) have entered a golden period of development. In this environment, many new forces of car manufacturing have emerged in China. At the same time, due to the substantial increase in traffic, the future will see human safety become more and more important. Therefore, while ensuring safety, the lightweighting of auto bodies has been the main direction of development. 

A hot forming process can produce very strong and lightweight automotive safety components to achieve controlled deformation, which strengthens the protection of vehicle occupants in the event of a collision. In the Chinese market, the demand for hot forming process equipment has thus exploded over the past two years.

As an equipment manufacturer, EBNER is constantly expanding its share in the Chinese market in response to the sharp increase in equipment demand. Its growth has been achieved through unremitting technical improvement and expansion of the proportion of equipment manufactured locally, particularly in the early stages of fabrication.

While meeting customers’ needs for technology and quality, excellent cost performance also brings customers strong market competitiveness. As the different customers they serve also face more and more challenging conditions, their need for equipment also becomes stronger and stronger.

EBNER furnaces fulfill the requirements of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction by preheating combustion air, improving thermal efficiency, reducing natural gas consumption, and reducing heat loss through excellent insulation structure designs. These features further reduce the carbon emissions of NEVs throughout their entire life cycle, and also reduce the operating costs of customers.

Over the past two-and-a-half years, EBNER’s own technology and cost advantages have led EBNER-brand hot forming roller-hearth furnaces to favored by the Yifeng Group, Zhejiang Bohui, Yanlong Shirun, Jingjiang Xincheng and other established hot forming component manufacturers. At the same time, emerging manufacturers including Wuhan Dongfeng Aiji, Dong-guan Lucky Harvest, Chongqing Pingyang and Tenghai have also reached out to EBNER. All of these custom-ers are leaders in the hot forming parts industry.

In the first half of 2022, EBNER has won orders for 10 hot forming furnaces.

The EBNER GROUP is very optimistic about the develop-ment of the Chinese market in the lightweight automotive and new energy vehicle sectors, and will continue to contribute its own strengths to the growth of this green industry.

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